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Thread: Help wanted choosing a new jacket please

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    Help wanted choosing a new jacket please

    Hi guys

    Im after a new jacket for hunting, shooting and walking the dogs.

    Ive got a couple for winter use that im happy with, im now after a lightweight very waterproof jacket for the summer months.

    Ive been looking at Seeland, are they any good or are there any you would recommend?

    I don't want to be sweating as im going along, but it needs to be tough enough to last a while.



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    hi ,from my experience i would not buy seeland i do not think that theyare as good as they used to be.
    i have got a cabela,s jacket that i got on flea bay and i wouldn,t be without it.cheers the scudd

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    My vote would also go for Cabela's.


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    I got a sealand from a company in scotland,34 inc postage, smart enough to walk out in shower proof and wind proof with a codura/neoprene finish. Great value for money

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    I use a Deerhunter Montana 5in1. You can choose 1 of 5 options to suit the day! Probably not the most hard wearing but I have had mine for years and it is still fine. Very warm/waterproof/comfortable and silent. Only about 100 too! I believe the 'Ram' jacket is reversable too so you can be plain green for dog walking and 'Realtree' for the sneaky stuff!

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    The Deerhunter RAM reversible would be a good call - 130 list price or 100 on eBay

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    Bargain Montana jacket!!

    Here's a bargain for you mate!
    They are doing the Ram one cheap too!
    Any good?!

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    Thanks for the advice guys

    Ive already got a couple of camo jackets so im looking at solid green or brown really, I always feel a bit awkward wearing camo when walking the dogs or hiking etc, tend to get some funny looks (could be directed at me rather than the jacket in fairness!). But the Montana or Ram in solid or reversible is an option.

    Im not going to do my usual "buy on price and then wish i'd spent a bit more" this time, I want it to last a few years so keep the suggestions coming.



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    I have one of Arktis's Windproof smocks in plain green

    It is based on the SAS Windproof Smock & is a great piece of kit - The most waterproof piece of clothing that I own

    The other gear you might want to look at is Nomad

    It always gets excellent write ups in the mags & a pal of might that uses it & swears by it.

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