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Thread: GWP. Training or clubs in kent

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    GWP. Training or clubs in kent

    Hi Guys

    Anyone any info on GWP training or clubs in the kent, Surrey or Sussex areas.

    Having just ordered a puppy, would like to get familiar on training etc for the breed.



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    hi phil
    think rory major has done a series of dvds pal they could be worth a look if its "normal" hpr work your wanting to train for but wouldnt rush as imho basics are basics no matter what breed so concentrate on those first to gain trust and a bond with the pup
    all the best

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    Cheers jimmy. Appreciated

    Will have a look at getting the video, nice to have a look see on GWP training etc, will be ok on basic training , have trained a few workings dogs up in my time.

    My first on the hpr breed, looking forward to it, hopefully found the right one, the sire and dam are cracking working dogs with excellent temperament etc.



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    Hi Philip,
    As Jimmy said no rush just work on simple basics and read, some good books about.
    Google Tony Russell he is a really nice guy based Sussex Ashdown forest. Sussex gsp group would be my advice, they meet once a month and have all hpr breeds, pups upwards. 3 a morning Can't do better than that.
    If you can't find them pm me and I will send U all the info.
    I love going with my whv but never seem to have a sun morning free to go.
    When you and your pup are read give me a shout I'l try and meet you down there.


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    Best of luck with the the new dog.
    Well worth the effort training wise, and excellent dogs to shoot over or take stalking.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Thanks guys, greatly appreciated, will try the Sussex club, sounds brilliant, will pm when going.


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    Tony Russell on 01825 830683 I believe. Am in same position as you as about to get HWV pup. Let me know how it goes with Tony, he comes highly recommended.

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    Hi MPK5533

    Many thanks for Tony's number, have made contact, sounds pretty good and just over an hour drive for me.

    Just the job, appreciated


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