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Thread: 'Yersinosis' info please..............

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    'Yersinosis' info please..............

    I shot a Roe yesterday that incidentally turned out to be a Doe with short antlers,she was shot as she laid under a hedge(headshot).On inspection of what outwardly looked like a very good conditioned Doe(barren)she had been soiling herself badly,and,when gralloched the mesenteric lymph nodes were a watery yellow colour,also the pericardium was this sort of yellowy colur,and,as well as the heart,the kidney case was also a bit yellowy... sort of adeoma like,although there was no enlargement of any lymph glands or organs.I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience of 'Yersinosis' at all,as,I feel it maybe the cause.I have the carcase at home(isolated)and,was never gouing to put it into the food chain,but,at one point i was thinking of giving it to the dogs,but,if it is yersinosis I will destroy the carcase,so,any help at all would be very welcome.......thanks in advance....'M'

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    Yersinosis better known as( bubonic plague) If you think this is what it is or you don't know ask your local vet who the defra vet in your area is he will help you with any miss diagnosis you may have.

    Some of the signs are .1.Sudden death ,2.Anorexia ,3.Green watery Dysenteric foetid diarrhoea .4.Rapid loss of condition .5. Dehydration.
    the Mesenteric lymph nodes will be very enlarged and can and will hemorrhage.

    This is most likely to affect red deer one of the more important infectious diseases to the deer farmer.

    One for the VET corner thread

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    The bubonic plague type(yersinia pestie) was an extrememly more virilant version of what some deer get today.I am very sure that it isn't that strain,as the deer was as said in very good condition externally,with no wastage at all.There are 2-3 different types of strain of the yersinia group of bacterias,all of which are zoonoses(can be tranferred from animal to human,and,I would be interested to hear what Morena thought if possible..........'M'

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    the very man for the job

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    Hi re'M'ington
    From you description I would make a diagnosis of pyaemic hepatitis as there is yellow staining of the tissues with bilirubin, from the liver. If you had examined the eyes carefully you would have noticed that the conjunctiva were jaundiced (yellow). This would have bee due to septicaemia ( the organism getting into the bloodstream and infecting amongst other organs, the liver included releasing bilirubin into the circulation ) Also the intestines would show a fibrinohaemorrhagicenteritis (Sticky strings and a reddening of the intestines on opening them) This would have been due to septicaemia caused by Yersinia paratuberculosis. This can be a normal inhabitant of the gut and occasionally causes infection for unknown reasons.
    The other Yersinia pestis causing plague and now-a-days carried by cats,
    Y enterocolitica also in the deer gut normally. Y ruckerii red mouth in rainbow trout.
    Both para and entero cause diarrhoea in humans and para can also infect lymph nodes (lymphadenitis)

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    Thanks Morena,I have already buried the carcase,all of what you say makes sense,but,outwardly at least the liver looked ok,as did the spleen.I think it was better off the land anyway,and,thanks again for your help...........................regards....Martin.

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