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Thread: Ziess major problem

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    Ziess major problem

    Wondering if anyone cant point me in right direction,

    put a ziess duralyt 3-12x50 on start of this year brand new, mostly for clients to use,
    firstly the variable power ruber ring fell off a few weeks ago(makes no effect on mechanical parts whatsoever)

    now noticed the whole end eye piece tube moves and wobbles about, even the reticle moves with it! i phoned ziess who said to send it to them (uk) and then it will be sent to germany for investigation. so im having to use 270 this week. now all my equipment is treat like a baby never banged or dropped etc....i am wondering if they receive the scope in question will they send me a replacement? After all i did buy supposedly one of the best scopes on the market, for reliability for using when stalking with clients. if it was a cheap scope i would understand....any ideas anyone?
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    The first point of contact should be the shop you purchased with as they are the ones you have a contract with under the sales of goods act.


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    Quote Originally Posted by s.stimson View Post
    The first point of contact should be the shop you purchased with as they are the ones you have a contract with under the sales of goods act.


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    I think you will find under UK law you have 2 years as a benchmark as 'fit for purpose' and under EU law this extends to 6 years. Given that the scope is German you should be covered by EU laws. Not sure whether this would warrant replacement or just repair. If you have not had it long then maybe you speak to Ziess Uk and ask that they change it.

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    Germany will disect the scope and test it.
    If faulty I would guess replaced or fixed.
    If foul play suspected you will be billed (I presume).
    There are others on here who will know better.
    I have aZeiss scope on my estate rifle (well actually all my rifles).
    They are all A1 and I look after them, but out only last week I had a client loose his footing on a barley field headland, he fell hard but looked like he protected the rifle well. I was actually worried more about him. He caught his breath and we carried on.
    getting home the objective bell housing had a small chip on the rim, he was gone and what can I do, but it is an estate rifle and carried by others.
    checking the sights they were still bang on.
    Thats why my rifle is a stainless synthetic.
    Clients may not look after your kit as well as you do. FACT
    I gave over with flip up covers using sometime x3 a month, no one ever said they broke one.

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    the only problem i have had with the dualyt is the lack of windage

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    my duralyt has been bang on and it get one hell of a lot of abuse, and never looses zero, bang on zeiss well done

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    If you were to see the scope you would see that it is mint, looks the same as I did out of the box. Rifle is mostly carried by myself s o I$ well aware about what happens to it. Will make a few calls. Other than this it a good scope.

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    Derek, I'm guessing you have a Sako rifle with your windage problem?

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    HI guesty. i have a tikka t3 good job i got leopold mounts otherwise i wold have been stuck regards derek

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