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Thread: S&B Illuminated Reticle

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    S&B Illuminated Reticle

    just looking at the S&B scopes. I cannot make up my mind which to go for.

    Is it only the flashdot series where you can still see the cross hairs even if the illumination is turned off?

    Or do I just go for a straight non illuminated Zenith.

    I like the look of the illuminated 3-12x50 scope.


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    Ian, I had both
    firstly I think there is a huge difference between the classic and zenith. Especially against the sun the zenith is much better.
    The flash-dot is a bonus, depending on what you need. I thought the huge advantage is that with the FD7 reticule you can shoot at tiny targets out to over 300m because the crosshair is very fine and at dusk when this reticule is too faint you just flick the dot on. In the woods at daytime turn the mag down and the dot to max and you have a red dot scope.
    Go for the flash-dot
    I'm just getting the little BDC turrets (like precision hunter) fitted to my Zenith, then I'll have it all.


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    I just bit the bullet and ordered a S&B 3-12x50 Zenith Flashdot Ret 7.

    Hope the wife does not notice the cost


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    Quote Originally Posted by Briarquest
    I just bit the bullet and ordered a S&B 3-12x50 Zenith Flashdot Ret 7.

    Hope the wife does not notice the cost
    Me too.
    I already have the 1.2-4x24 Zenith Flashdot so have just ordered the Zenith 3-12x50 Flashdot and QD mounts.
    Now I can swop the small powered one for Driven Boar abroad and the other for Deer in UK.
    PS I flogged the wife to raise the money to afford it!!
    PPS only got enough for the mounts so still had to use my pension money for the 'scope

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    Good choice, I have a 3-12x50 flashdot on my .243, it has caused the end of many a fox at low light,
    I think I will put one on my 30-06 when I get it just so long as the long haired General doesnt find out, though the new prices are scarier than the wife.

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    Go for it cockerdog i bought the 2.5-10x56 with the fd7 recticule awesome makes me leupy vxl look pants might have to px it for another zenith.

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