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Thread: Been experimenting

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    Been experimenting

    I wanted to shoot off my quad but did not want to erect the scaffolding of a shooting rail. I sometimes have my "essentials" box on the back rack sometimes the front, so a bipod was not really an option. Enter Moray Outfitters and their tripod stick kit one of those and the trusty B&Q sticks did the job, you could get away with a bipod stick kit,

    Looks a bit unwieldy etc but works for me.

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    John, you need a gorilla rest!

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    deer man do you have a link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lewis View Post
    deer man do you have a link?

    As I said on another thread, I got it from cabelas but I can't find it there!

    Did find this though, Gorilla Gun Rest [9903] - $61.06 : Pat Norris Archery.
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    Good work John look the biz. The Sika better look out

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    Just be careful with the third pole,

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    Thanks for the update - as discussed, its a new one on me!

    Perhaps there's a marketing angle here? 'Most imaginative use of... ' type competition? Thinking it through, best not - given the way the minds of a number of SD members work it would just be asking for trouble . Could offset that with an 'Ultimate Stick Kit Fails' and 'A&E most embarrassing insertion' videos on Youtube though....
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    Got a coarse fishing short bankstick (part of the frame type with tube bracket) together with U shaped rod rest mounted on handlebars.

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    Bit pricey, this one,!
    Click on image to enlarge

    Tripod, Heavy Duty, Stand-Up.

    Heavy Duty Stand-Up Tripod, with vehicle size socket. Will accept most vehicle cradles. Positive lock stabilizes all three legs. Stands 43" from the ground to the top of the socket. 2" Tubing. Leg Spread is 40", OD Green, semi gloss. Uses MIL SPEC hardware and is manufactured in a MIL SPEC shop. 40 pounds shipping weight. NOT TESTED TO ABOVE .30 CALIBER. New Condition.

    $999.95, US, Plus Shipping.
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    JAYB can i ask what box you have on the back of your quad?
    I'm looking for something similar for mine.
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