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Thread: Short Battery life of Swari 6i

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    Short Battery life of Swari 6i

    I have a swarovski 2-12x50 z6i scope bought about 3 years ago. After 12 months the battery went flat. Over the last 2 years I have gone through about 4 more bateries. Been onto the shop where i purchased this and they say send it back to Swarovski uk. Not the best time to be without a scope and only one rifle for deer. Has anybody had the same problem? and if so did it need to go back or did they sort it out?Also been told that if I keep using it then I could burn out the illuminated reticle.

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    I have had the same battery in my Nightforce for the last 9 years.
    Not much help to you though moonstone.
    ​" How Much !"

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    The problem with the Z6i is they switch themselves on in the slip etc as the switch is too sensitive Swaro have acknowledged this as an issue and have come up with a solution of a transit cover that shields the switches from accidental operation.

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    Moonstone gsp,

    Sorted in the 2nd Gen units in that the "switch" is more definite.

    1st Gen units can be moved to on easily. They then have 20 minutes before reset (and set again).

    There is a clip on cover that is available, if you ask, that stops you using the switch if you don't need to.


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