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Thread: Tying Deer on Quad Rack

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    Tying Deer on Quad Rack

    I am looking for 'best practice' on tying deer to the racks on my quad. I have had mixed results and welcome all info on your method.


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    On the back rack bread
    tray and bungee cords !!

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    Stick to decent rope, ratchet straps tend to clog up with hair blood etc. also a nylon rope that can be washed. Maybe best to explain with pics , but you can have deer front and back, depending on ground.

    One thing to remember is the manufacturers max load weight, might sound a bit h&s daft, but if you have an accident!

    If you have good grassy ground then why not drag (reds) it will save a lot of lifting if you are on your own, there are drag bags available, as always be careful and take your time, you,ll always be going faster than you would be dragging by hand.

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    The last post is good advice, years ago when I got my first quad I put a stag on the back rack crossing fairly flat ground hit a small bump and ended up with both stag and bike on top of me, was unhurt but it could have been bad.

    IMO get a drag bag.

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    When we used a quad the stalker used to put the stag on the front tied with seat belt, easy to wash.

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    I find small wrachet straps work fine for securing Reds/sika on the quad. If the wrachets start to clog up i just give them a quick clean with a pressure washer set at low flow then lubricate with WD 40. It works for me but others may disagree.

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    I would stay away from bungees in favour of a couple of 5m lengths of 8mm or 11mm climbing rope, hundreds of uses and machine washable.

    Goes without saying that you should balance the load correctly, if you read the book or lables on the bike you will probably be suprised how low the maximum load is especially as the figure quoted usually includes the rider.

    Quads are fantastic things but can be dangerous, I flipped one over backwards once when I was going up the bank of a gully with a hind on the front and another on the back, the bungee failed to hold the front one on and as soon as it slid off she did a back flip. I was able to just jump clear and no harm was done but it could easily have ended in tears particularly when lone working.


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    I wrap the carcasses in a nylon sheet to keep the mud off . Then use nylon straps that self lock , two on each carcass .
    I don,t go fast enough to back flip .


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    There are more accidents on quads than just about any other extraction machine I know of. Personally I wouldnt use bungee ropes, but I am sure they work.
    Good quality rope to tie your beast on the rack is essential in my book, and making sure the weight is evenly distributed, especially when extracting on the open hill. If you are coming down hill make sure the weight is on the back, and on slippery ground leave the bike in first gear to find its own way down. If going up hill the weight should be on the front, but make sure you have the legs and head well pulled back and tied in tight so they do not get tangled in the wheels. Wrapping the beast in a tarp is ok and not a bad idea.
    If you have a big stag and cant lift it on your own onto the pannier, I usually tie its head to the back rack and drag it behind the bike. Failing this drag it up to a high point and then back the bike up to it and then roll it onto the pannier on the back.

    Hope this helps, but be careful I have had a few close shaves on bikes whilst extracting red deer in particular from the hill and try and make sure people know where you are whilst you are extracting. But above all be safe!
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    Ah problems .. we have a few at times too.

    BTW I use any bit of 'whatever' i have on the bike to tie down with.fence wire to rope.

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