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Thread: .243 Remington 700 stainless/synthetic.

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    .243 Remington 700 stainless/synthetic.

    Remington 700 .243win stainless/synthetic BDL/SS/DM has only fired 300/400 rounds probably nearer to 300, I have owned this from new it is screwcut and proofed, it comes with a PES T12 moderator that is also proofed and stamped and is like new with only 200/300 rounds through it, It also come with a Burris Fullfield 11 4.5x14-44 ballistic plex scope on Talley integral mounts, The rifle is like new with no damage with only a few tiny marks on the bottom of the stock, It has always functioned without fault and shoots very small groups I have some once fired cases and some factory ammo and some reloads available and some lee dies.
    I would like to sell it complete as a package but might consider a split, the front bi pod is not included.
    Genuine reason for sale as I have a 6.5mm now to close to 6mm and feel I would rather let someone have it that is going to use it and enjoy it.
    FACE TO FACE ONLY PLEASE, I will be travelling through the midlands this week so contact me if you want to face to face purchase.

    Please PM me with any other information that is required or PM me your phone N0. and I will phone you.

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    PM's replied to.
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    Hi Mate
    Please send some good quality pictures to my email thanks



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    could you send me some aswel please?

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    This is an original BDL/DM stainless/synthetic they were introduced in 1997 not sure how long they run for have the original catalogue as proof, it is not the newer cheaper sps produced rifles it has the older better trigger in most peoples oppinion and the actions barrels were considered better by most, this has not been altered or tampered with and is original, the magazines are still available for $37.00 alot cheaper than trying to source some of the europe made ones.
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    Picture from 1997 remington catalogue now added.
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    pm sent......

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    Rifle Package Now SOLD PENDING FUNDS.
    Thanks to all that have shown an interest.

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