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Thread: The first for 2009.

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    The first for 2009.

    I shot my first 2009 Roe Buck this morning. A group of three were spotted from about 300 yards and were stalked to within 120 ish yards.
    The buck, a 6 pointer looked to have quite an impressive head on him but not such an impressive body to him.
    My Mrs was out with the grandson and camera today so i`ve only got a photos from after she got home.
    At home the carcass weighed in at 35lbs. That and a good fry up was the perfect start to the day.


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    Nice one Basil, well done mate.

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    Well done Basil
    thats a good start to your 2009 bucks
    Keep it up mate

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    Hey,well done Basil mate good to get off the mark.........'M'

    you have pm

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    Excellent start there Basil! Well done, that man. Rather puts my two scrappy bucks in the shade - not that I'm jealous or anything!!!

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    Nice shape to the head, where I shoot 35 lbs head and feet off is not a bad weight ffor a buck although we do get them up to 50lbs from time to time.


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    well done Basil,great start to the season

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    basil nice buck good one to start off with
    regards pete .

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    Welldone Basil all round time to pull my finger out i think

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    Well done Basil, a lovely shaped head.


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