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Thread: 17mach2 or 22 hornet

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    Question 17mach2 or 22 hornet

    Right then chaps I guess the title says it all realy. Looking to get a rifle that will get those bunnys that little bit further out. I would be homeloading for the 22. Any thoughts???
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    chalk and cheese

    Mach2 is good to 150yds, OK for foxes (if you can get conditioned for it) up to around 75yds
    I shot one bang in the heart about 2months ago, it ran 10ft.
    I like it but wouldnt choose it against a 22CF.
    Its an HMR comparison

    Hornet is good for same sort of distances but throws bigger bullets and will stop foxes better. also reloadable

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    i would guess it depends what you want to do with the rabbits concerned if i want some to eat i use my mach 2 if i need to get rid of numbers i cut them in half with a 20 tac and leave them
    for charlie an the buzzards dont know bout a hornet dont use one but the m2 does ok for me

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    hi go for hornet every will do the bunnys well above 150 yards.Iuse my hornet for crows 170 yards best one .fox 175 bunnys 150 ishbest for now.i reload 35 grain v max with winchester 296 powder 12 grains never had a fox run with the hornet .good shotin .ian
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    why mach 2 or hornet? what's wrong with the straight hmr?

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    Hornet,cheap to run, proven ,no question on Charlie,m2 trying to find it's feet,good deals on ammo at the moment,will it be around as long as hornet I think not! Hornet for me & maybe 22lr......wannabuy a hornet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    why mach 2 or hornet? what's wrong with the straight hmr?
    cost of ammo

    have a 22lr already that i use for the bunnys but a few of them seem to run for cover just out of range
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