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Thread: BSA Hunter 7x57

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    BSA Hunter 7x57

    For sale is my classic BSA 7x57 Royal no C5Bxxxx. This is a classic rifle that still remains very usefull and accurate and is more that capable of taking any Deer in this country.
    The rifle is in very good/excellent condition for it's age and the barrel is in very good order. It can group well under an inch.
    The rifle is fitted with a Bushnell 3-9x50 wide angle scope on Parker Hale roll off mounts.
    I am only selling as I have ordered a new 7x64 rifle from Zoli and can only have so many in the safe.
    I am not sure what this rifle is worth but I will ask 350 ono with the scope etcAttachment 17917Attachment 17918Attachment 17919Attachment 17920Attachment 17921.
    I am between Basingstoke (Hampshire) and Reading (Berkshire) and it would be no problem to RFD
    Please p.m in the first instance.
    Many Thanks Martin
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    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    Cracking rifle, had one twenty years ago and should never have sold it! Sorely tempted but have promised to buy no more rifles!!!!

    Good luck to the new owner, it's a classic

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    Hi Martin

    How long have you owned it?
    Have you had it from new?
    How many rounds have you put through it?
    Are you useing home loads or factory rounds, and what grain weight?



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    I have not owned this one for a great deal of time and it would be difficult to state how many rounds have been fired. However the rifling remains very crisp and the bolt etc clean and locks up as it should. I always homeload everything and always have done, but I did shoot some RWS 123grn which shot well and grouped very well, but I use either 139 grn Hornady or 145grn Speer and H414 powder.
    Please let me know if you need any further info etc.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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