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Thread: Laser surgery and night vision

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    Laser surgery and night vision

    Evening all,

    I've noticed a couple of threads from members stating that they have had their eyes lasered. I have considered this myself but have been put off by tales of night vision being impaired. I think this may possibly relate to 'old' laser technology though. I'd be really interested in comments from members who have had surgery and whether they have noticed a deterioration in their night vision.

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    Mauser M03.

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    my night vision is fine, the only failing I have is in poor light, when I find I have to make a concious effort to focus on objects at differing ranges. in truth this was probably already the case before I had my eyes lasered. its strange, but once the light goes below a given point the problem goes away? the main problem I have heard of is "haloing" around bright lights, and I have none of that.
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    Interesting; thanks for the response kennyc.

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    I thought about this about a year ago and discussed this with my optician who said "For some eye problems you may require glasses even after corrective laser eye surgery. I and many of the opticians I know wear glasses/contact lenses, none have had corrective laser surgery. What does that tell you?" Granted there may be some self centred business interest there but I stuck with glasses.

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