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Thread: Guided Pigeon Shooting.

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    Guided Pigeon Shooting.

    I would like a day's pigeon shooting one day next week, preferably in the Wilts, Gloucs or Somerset areas. Please pm details if you can help. I'm happy to pay, and will also buy you a beer and a bite to eat afterwards.

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    Up here in Leicestershire my brother has a barly field and Evern before it was cut the old boy has had Exerlant shooting. But since it was cut Min. 180 max. 298. Days. It was only cut saturday. Not bad of 20 acres
    hope you find some close to home as not a shotgun fan its a great way to spend a day if they the pigeons are moving about.
    Cheers Andrew

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    hunting uk lot are quite good mate ime


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    Shame you didn't ask about 3 weeks ago Rupert, I had a lot on some barley and couldn't get there myself

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    Thanks for the replies, lads. Ben, if you need a hand with any pigeons in the future, please let me know...I could do with a bit of practice before game shooting starts.

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    You have PM MR.
    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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    Will do Rupert, last time I was there I had 99 and a Jackdaw for 175 cartridges, the farmer didn't say there were a lot so I only took an armful of boxes. Had 76 there with the boss's son a week later, I did text the farmer but apparently they're about to harvest it.

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