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Thread: accuracy questions answered!!

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    accuracy questions answered!!

    New 30-06 had never given me full confidence although had some good shooting still seemed to get the odd flyer. Then had a clean miss

    Went to zero today, put 7 through at a 10" target at 100m, only 3 hit it Took a look at rifle. First pic is how the gun looked, second is as close as it would go back with out tools.

    Given that new mounts were fitted at gun room and I have not knocked the gun do you think I have any recourse? The upper mount has sheared!! Might it have been overtightened in the first place?

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    What mounts are they and how long have they been fitted?

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    Not sure of make to be honest. They were fitted onto gub, new in december.

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    In that case take it back...I think most new items are considered to have a 12 month warrenty??

    And if Gunroom start being evasive mention Trading Standards an thefact that you won't hesitate to highlight their poor customer service on all the various hunting and shooting forums you are a member of..

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    I would have my doubts about the scope after this also as it has obviously been held on one mount only and subjected to recoil on that single mount and possibly bent around the turret

    If you purchased the rifle and scope together i would simply ask for a new scope aswell just to be safe.

    A few years ago i bought a new rod and reel for fishing the bale arm fell off and snagged my line whilst casting it then proceeded to rip off two rings, the tackle shop tried to repair rod but after my insisting they gave me a new one as they could not prove to me that it was as good as new.

    Let us know how you get on and where you purchased it from.

    Regards cervushunter

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    Mounts look to be Leupold/Redfield type, nothing wrong with them if fitted correctly - a good solid mount

    Front mount is a rotary dovetail, rear mount is nipped between two screws to allow windage adjustment. The scope shouldn't slide within the rings, and the rear mount screw need to be tight, have a word with who ever fitted them, and get them fitted properly but some one who knows how to do it.

    Lets hope you haven't scratched the scope as it slid back and fore, probably a few scratches on it!

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    They are Leupold mounts and I have been lucky in so much as the scope seems undamaged. Got a new top ring for the rear mount and rezeroed, 8" left!!! Now grouping pretty good. Hopefully should get back to normal now.
    Not looking to name and shame gunroom as they replaced the bits and have always been excellent with me. Will put it down to a Friday afternoon job, (and check everything over for myself from now on )

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