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Thread: SD fundraiser for Leigh

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    SD fundraiser for Leigh


    1. 1x Lansky 4 rod sharpening turn box - retail approx 25 BID 25 BY ROTWILD
    2. 2 x 2 hour range sessions in Moray - can be used for practice, DSC1 training, rifle set up etc - fully coached. Worth circa 40 each.
    3. 1x 1 day Intro to Stalking & simulated stalk - details per website, worth 110. 'Winner' can add a second person at 60 , Again in Moray.
    4. leather sheath from dougster
    5, 10 hans bulder pictures, winning bid for them them pays postage of 5. donated by chrisc


    5. an outing on muntjac or fallow from wayne davies BID 225 by PAULT
    6. a day out on woodmasters boat for upto 10 people
    7. a morning roe doe stalking , december till march , in lanarkshire from 6 pointer BID 100 by BRI
    8.Stalking Lot - 1 Red or Sika stag or Roe buck

    Right then chaps around the Highlands or maybe further away, 'Top Bid' gets unlimited stalking to achieve a cull at Strath Tirry Woodland near Lairg for a Roe buck, Red or Sika stag during the remainder of this season. The winning bidder will be granted stalking rights to the property and can be guided to get the feel for the ground between the 9th-10th of August by me as I will be staying in Lairg those days or other weekend dates by arrangement. The winning bidder will then be free to stalk the ground at their convenience to achieve cull their beast. Other weekends guided perhaps towards the stag rut can be arranged if that suits the winning bidder. The area is a 1 km square block that is easy stalking and holds reds and sika throughout the year but an influx of rutting stags throughout oct/nov. With road frontage and boundary parking this is very easy ground to enjoy the use of. The winning bidder will have standard stalking rights to the ground until their beast is shot between Saturday 4th August to Saturday the 20th of October 2012.

    This is a great chance for a lot of stalking and a good Highland beast at your leisure. PM or post your offer and I will update regularly. Bidding closes Friday 3rd August
    Starting bid 50 donated by paul at BID 275 by DSPENSLEY

    9. an evening duck flighting we are 2miles from juc 24m1 from October onwards.donated by martyn 52 BID 50 BY HEREFORD BULL
    10.I would like to donate an evening in East Sussex for the chance of Wild Boar.donated by steveBID 150 BY MERLIN
    11.Can i offer for auction a days pheasant /woodcock/duck shooting plus a duck flight from November onwards donated by unicorn 71BID 50 BY FRASERD
    12 a free range session including tuition etc donated by HME BID 35 by OH6
    13, a days guided salmon fishing for 2 rods on a private beat of the river Nairn near Inverness. donated by ALLY BID 150 BY FRASERD
    14. a day at the sika hinds in Peebleshire for 2 rifles, morning and evening outing, at least one rifle will be in a high seat if not both on each outing. To be taken in November as I would suggest it offers the best opportunity. donated by jamross 65 BID 200 BY CJML
    15,an outing on boar shooting in November with solway stalker .donated by solwaystalker BID 150 BY FRASERD

    16, a night's lamping for rabbits then fox's in Essex. The date will be around mid August to early September with the winning bidder to confirm a date with me at end of auction.donated by crouch valley ..BID 25 BY FRASERD
    17, an unusual day
    Starting with a Roe buck outing , then a Salmon using Haaf net finishing with a brace of Snipe
    This would have to be done between 4th Sept and the 8th
    It may be possible to tie it in with the night on Boar i donated ,,donated by a friend of solway stalker BID 200 by FRASERD
    18,A Venison Butchery Lesson including venison to take away to be taken by mutual agreement during the Doe Season.
    Location Central Lincolnshire.donated by Mr Lewis BID 50 by BRI
    19 A canvas/leather silent "stalking sling "and a set of leather scope caps, donated by saddler BID 50 KEZER
    20, a days roe stalking in the borders donated by amanda16 BID 120 by BRI
    21, 1 days hind stalking for 1 gun est rifle can be used the winning bidder will be taken from callander to stalking ground nr crianlarich for there day out lunch supplied day saturday only jan to 15 th feb 2013 Donated by scotlanddeerstalking BID 150 by ANONYMOUS
    22,1 nice hind all butcherd by d campbell and sons callander this will have to be collected from callander jan or feb 2013 donated by scotlanddeerstalking BID 40 BY AMANDA16
    23 One morning or evening outing for a roe/fallow doe or red deer hind to be taken in January or February 2013.
    Location Devon. donated by devon deer stalking value 75BID 70 BY BJS
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    as requested , could we keep this tread for either bids or lots being donated , thanks , brian

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    leigh made the paper today

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    I'll offer 100 on item 15 to get it started.

    (when does the auction end?)

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    thanks apache , , it closes at 6pm on saturday the 18th august

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    I'll bid 50 on item 9.



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    lot 19 added

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    50 on item 19 please

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    Stalking Lot - 1 Red or Sika stag or Roe buck

    LOT NOW CLOSED - Won by dspensley

    well done that man!
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    THANK YOU dspensley , and thank you paul for donating the prize ,

    thankyou A.NONY-MOUSE, for your very kind donation

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