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Thread: Z6i or Leica Magnus

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    Z6i or Leica Magnus

    I've got myself in the lucky position to be stuck as to which scope to purchase its between the Z6i (2nd gen) and the Leica Magnus both with the 56mm objective lens, anybody out their who could help me make the choice. I'm currently going with the Swaro only due to the fact I can get it 200 cheaper than the Leica?

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    Hi joncarnage,

    You are in a very nice position cherish this moment! the very best of luck with whatever your choose. As you know its the person behind the scope that makes the difference so with either choice you shouldnt fair out to badly.

    As we are here to help each other on this forum I cant say I have experience with the Leica so I wont be of much help there but I have the Z6i and its a great scope the best I ever had. I used Schmidt and Bender's prior to having the Z6i it hold its zero very well its lightweight and boy is it great in low light I shot a fox in a hayfield last weekend at 1050pm using the Z6i 's illuminated crosshairs at 128m I used a leica range finder to find out the distance.


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    This weeks shooting times(1st August) has a review/group test of the Swaro z6i gen2, Leica Magnus and Zeiss victory ht if that helps.
    Not usually a fan of magazine reviews but may help you out?

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    Thanks I'll pick a copy up on my way hm


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    Read the review, helped in that it now has added a third the Zeiss Victory HT so choice of 3!! So really I'm asking any horror stories on any of the 3?


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    If I was in your position............Z6i gen2.
    ​" How Much !"

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    I have a Magnus, and I love it. The glass is as clear or clearer as the Z6i (not sure about the 2nd gen). It also has some very cool features like the IR turning off if you tilt the scope above 60 degrees. Great for when you forget to turn it off and put it in the gun cabinet.

    The controls are very handy and easy to use.

    I would go as far to say it is the best scope I have owned/used.

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    What did you go for in the end? I've been waiting on my Z6i for nearly 2 weeks now and its breaking my heart having to wait (keeping in mind before now the best scope ive owned is a lower end leupold)

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    Based on the after sales service, I would always choose Swarovski.

    I bought Leica once and had an issue, service was appalling at the London service centre and I vowed never again.
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    seems service isn't great for optics companies. saying that i had to get a leupold scope fixed. granted it was to get shipped to america but they were great and great customer service. all i hear now is how bad customer service is. have even heard of swarovski's service not being great.

    my dad had a pair of leica bino so hopefully doesn't have to send them off any time soon lol

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