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Thread: Diamond Steels for knives.

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    Diamond Steels for knives.

    My old knife sharpening steel has now seen better days and I'm thinking of going for one of these diamond coated oval shaped ones. Does anyone use one or could recommend a good one that won't break the bank!
    It's the wife's birthday soon and she said she would like something with diamonds on!

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    MS : I use one made by DMT this is quality stuff ive been using there steels and sharpening stones for years.
    There steels good but you cannot use them like a normal steel ,you've got to be slow with them or they'll last about a week ,if your using a steel daily buy a conventional one you'll save cash ,I still revert back to a normal steel just to keep a keen edge when doing any butchery, for my knives i stalk with i use the diamond steel, to finish then leather strop ed .

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    Thanks mate
    Great link for other knife related stuff too!

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