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Thread: Guided and catered shore fishing trips around Southampton and local area

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    Guided and catered shore fishing trips around Southampton and local area

    I would like to offer to be a guide to sea fishing the Southampton area from the shore.
    I can arrange the bait, refreshments( bacon rolls), rigs and too some small degree rods and reels all included. You will also get two guides (subject to the availability of the second guide) with almost 100 years of local knowledge between them. I have 35 years plus and my father has 60 (my father is the second guide and will only come to assist with bigger parties of anglers). We can also give some coaching to those who are starting out. The outings will last as long as is practicable due to tide and weather.
    The areas we will cover are between Beaulieu River and Hayling Island. (But not the Isle of Wight, sorry.) We can’t guarantee fish but the odds are considerably reduced with the considerable local knowledge on offer and isn’t based on bait or tackle sales.

    The fee /exchange.

    A bit of shooting for me stalking or vermin (edible or not) I have an empty chest freezer to fill. My father likes eating venison and game, but is not fussed about shooting. No cash please, I only want to do some stalking/shooting.

    Now I will haply take a group of 6/8 out (as long as we have enough rods between us ) So If you have no permission no problem there is a stalking operator that i book with that charges 75 an outing (I only need the outing fee covered and you could pay him directly on my behalf)

    This would mean the cost too the individual (if there are 6/8 of you) to be 12.50/9.35 each. That will include your bait and refreshments. You could spend that on bait alone.

    Target fish will be dependent on time of year. I can advise you as too the best time to get the species. You’re after.
    PM me for more details.
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    Ok 164 views of this thread and no uptake.

    let's change it. lets drop the stalking and or payment bit.
    So if any one in, Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Berkshire or Surrey. Wants someone to go fishing with on the beaches around the south hampshire area with 30+ years of experience. Please let me know. Simples as that.

    I would like to come a shoot some foxes or rabbits with my new home swaged bullets. If you got a fox or rabbit problem that I can help you with let me know.


    The Dab are turning up now lads.

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