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Thread: Tikka T3 243

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    Tikka T3 243

    New to Roe shooting, can anyone recommend either a good factory round or a good load for the Tikka.

    Many thanks

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    I have a T3 Lite Stainless/Synthetic in .243, I love the rifle, I'm happy to use it on Munty upto Red Hinds, not had the chance of a Red Stag with it, think I'll stick to the .308 for Reds and Sika from now on though.

    Have a look here.



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    100gn Federal powershok shoot ok in my 243. Mines a Tikka but a 595 not a T3.

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    I use Remington 95gr accutip for foxes and Remington 100gr CLUB PSP for deer. They group very well through my T3 Varmint
    I have also used 100gr Norma soft point which group well
    I pay about 18 per 20 for the 100gr and 19 for the accutips per 20

    Good luck in your quest


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    Thanks for the help gentleman

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    T3 Loads.

    Hope this helps from the new boy.

    This is my latest load for my T3 Lite/Stainless.
    Winchester brass. Trimmed to 2.035. CCI BR Primer. 100 grain Hornady SPBT Code 2453 with 41.8g VU7000 powder. C.O.L (comparator) 2.295". Check yours first but this works very well for me. Sub one minute and on a really good day very impressive. Chrono shows 2867 average over five rounds. Peter Lawman in Northants sells Vectan powders and they are a lot cheaper than others available her in Scotland.

    I have purchased my allowance of these bullets after running out of CT 95g Silver Tips which I found to be magical and highly effective. However, I refuse to pay 44 per 100 which my local RFD now demands.

    This is also accurate but slightly slower although it appears in practice not to make any significant difference.

    .243 Winchester brass. Trimmed 2.035. Rem Mag primer. 38.00g H380. C.O.l (Comparator) 2.277". Speer show a PSI of 56654 and 2992FPS. My chrono reads 2761 average of five shots. Quick Loader claims 2732FPS and 45746 psi. I have used this with confidence on Roe and would have continued but for the price of the bullets.

    I saw H380 at 39.95 per tin recently. Vectan VU7000 is 26.95p.

    I developed both loads over a period of time building up as I went. Please do the same if you try these loads.

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    Thanks for that Spiker

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