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Thread: roe bucks and foxes

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    roe bucks and foxes

    I have been after a couple of foxes that are decimating my egg suppliers chickens (free range) just a bit embarrasing.
    The nature of the land makes it very difficult to get a shot at them. I have only managed to get 1 and that was with the shotgun a few weeks ago as it cleared the perimeter fence on its way out with a chicken.
    Finally we have managed to get permission for me to shoot on the land adjoining his that is more suitable for getting a shot at the elusive buggers.,
    Went on for the first time tonight. loads of rabbits running about and a well used sett
    across from a high bank I could sit on,with the wind blowing the right way as well.
    1hr later I spotted a nice sized fox (probably from eating all the chickens) making its way through the cover about 150yds away. Started to squeak it in, it got to aprox 100yds away I was following it through the scope waiting for it to stop before taking the shot when I heard what I thought was the landowners horses galloping along the top of the bank. Next thing a roe doe leapt down the bank less than 15ft away with a very large buck in pursuit, great to watch but sadly mr fox had not stopped around for the show. tried the buttalo and got the buck to come within 50yds but sadly not got permission for deer only fox at the moment.
    Back there again tomorrow for round 2 I think.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Sounds like the foxes will be easy pickings from a different angle,good luck

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    Sounds like you have the scene set for some nice summers evening sport.....enjoy!!!!

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    Sinbad if you sort the foxes i bet the deer permission wont be to long in coming, i was sat up a tower this morning no joy with the spikers but shot my first cub of the season hunting amongst the cut grass. DF

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    Will have to give it a miss tonight, waiting for the emergency vet to ring me back.
    Some f**king scrote threw a beer bottle on the car park near the river where I take the dogs, Griff stepped on a large piece of it in the grass and now has a 2inch split in his large pad on his front right foot (looks like stitches again).
    This is the second time this has happened, REALLY REALLY P***ED OFF.
    So much for taking him out on the grouse come the 12th.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Bad newsabout the glass in the paw

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    The vet put 6 staples in it and managed to close it up, no damage to tendons/nerves so 100 lighter but he should be fine.
    we live less than 50yds from a decent river and a few hundred yds from open fields, but in between there are 4 pubs, every day I pick up broken bottles and bin them. I keep the dogs on the leash to prevent them from running onto the glass, and I wont let them into the river as that is where he cut his foot last time.
    Looks like I am going to have to load them up in the car to exercise them in future.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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