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Thread: Remington core lokt bullets

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    Remington core lokt bullets

    Thinking of home loading some. Is anyone else rolling their own with these bullets? Any good?

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    I don't use them myself, but I have a friend that shoots Remington factory Core lokt ammo and swears by it,
    the bullets are hard to get down here but my friend says he would load them if he could get some.

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    I shot the Remington factory Core lokt ammo (140 gr) in my 260 Rem for five or six years and liked it a lot. Regards JCS

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    They are a good Sp game pill. Not to soft, not to hard, tend to stay together. Not very aerodynamic if you're a LR guy though. i have found they shoot well in some rifles not so good in others but give acceptable hunting accuracy.

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