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    I have been watching the archery on the olympics and I am very impressed at the level accurasy. I think I,m going to get a bow looks great fun and no red tape. Anyone else got the urge?

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    Always fancied a go,never got around to it,there is an archery club behind where I've been working recently,I've stood and watched but I can't see how good or bad they score,targets are just at the wrong angle,you can see the flight of the arrow,I think they shoot out to 100yds

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    They are indeed huge fun and alot of laid back bearded characters. I used to shoot what are called field archery competitions. Depending on your bow you will fall into category. I think probably American flat bow is best. You can also make your own. Then in competition you basically wander around woods in a group shooting at targets of animals. Everything from rats to bears at distances from 5m to 60m. Good fun, a good day out but you will have to travel.

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    I did field archery when I was about 12 for a couple of years; fancied getting back into it - thought the kids could more actvly participate than shooting - got pi@@ed up and bought a bowtech guardian of eBay.

    It's left the cupboard twice in 7 months I keep meaning to get it back on fleabay, I'm sure if you've got the time you'll enjoy it and it is another area in which to collect lovely shiny tools...

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    it's great fun, us to be a member of a club down south was great, hey use to put a 2d figure of a full size bison out for folks to shoot at at 100m and 3D animals in the woods to have a go at. it's a lot of fun, fine tunes your judging of distance that's for sure. I can remember having to shoot at a 3D Leopard only comfortable way to shoot at it was to put the arrow between a 2 inch gap between a two tree branches, did hit the target as well. went to one 3D shoot and the club had a 3D flies stuck on a rope spiders web which had to be shot from a scaffold tower.


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    A chap in my village does the field course at his club located nearby but he has no hunting aspirations at all, what a waste".
    I do have a compound bow I found secondhand in a flea market in the USA and it was checked & tuned for free at the Bass Pro shop in Atlanta (great sevice)which still surprises me out to 40 yards by it"s accuracy.

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    I used to shoot in the village club using a recurve bow, same type they use in the Olympics I believe, compounds are not allowed in the Olympics or were not not sure how things stand now. Have not shot the bow in more than a year as the cops took it along with every thing else.

    I miss the evenings and weekend shoots there.

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    if someone gave me a bowtech invasion cpx I might give it a go but not what's on tv right now

    Bowtech Archery

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    A good friend of mine hunts with a bow, he lives in Germany on the border with Switzerland and France, not legal in Germany but it is in France, so he hops over the border, animals seem not really to notice they have been shot, they trot off then lay down and bleed out peacefully, he shoots Boar and Roe with it.However, he did recount a tale of shooting a Fox from a high seat and pinned it to the forest floor at which it took on the appearance of a Pinwheel !FlyBoy270

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    I used to do a lot of field archery in sherwood forest which was always good fun especially shooting at the 3D targets of bear of deer wil my trusty longbow. I was accurate with that out to 100yards.

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