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Thread: How well do Buck Lick / salt blocks work?

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    How well do Buck Lick / salt blocks work?

    The reason l bring this up is because i have placed a few for the Munty's around my local perm. Not known for much else in the two years l've shot it so i thought i'd give the 8 + muntys (800 acres) a treat.

    Yesterday evening whilst out with the rf, i got within 100yards of one and something bolted in the now 2ft tall nettles and as it was around a blind corner - could really see what it was, so thought it was the obvious.

    An hour or so later, whilst circumnavigating around the wood where i'd earlier heard something bolt, and walking through some field margins tat have been planted up with all sorts of trees, all hell broke loose in fornt of me, and out poped a Fallow Hind (nearest i estimate to be at least 10 miles away in Chilterns - either Wendover/ashridge)

    She pronk'd around in an ark, vaulting two 5ft fences, about 150yards off went around 180deg, then dissappeared at high speed across the wheat!

    Chuffed to bits, but is it all down to the lick?


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    i have had great success with salt licks for fallow not with muntys though, i used molasses wheat for them which worked well.

    the fallow may have been transient through your permission before but nothing has made them want to stick around what type of vegetation do you have? if they have been hammering the fallow populations that are close by to you they may have spread out. they can cover large amounts of ground if they so wish.

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    The vegitation is a mixed dairy (350 acres) and arable, more specifically, wheat, some barley and maize (which is due to go in later this month).

    I have seen the odd slots from Roe, but never seen one - i though that as you say - they would have been travelling through. But never fallow.....Went and had a look at its slots in the damp ground to make sure as i couldn't believe my eyes!

    Land is cleared for my .308 so come the autumn (and a few more strategically placed blocks) l might have a few fallow knocking about!

    Mollasses? What sort of cost is that?


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    While it is important that deer get the correct diet and they also have a supply of the opposite sex. Cover to lie up in is of great importance and if you don't have enough thick woods round your ground you will only get passers buy. GIVE THEM FOOD SELTER AND A CHANCE AT A SHAG AND YOU GOT WHAT THEY NEED IF ONE OF THEM IS MISSING YOU WILL NOT HAVE HAPPY DEER.

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    molasses is very cheap, do you have any agricultural suppliers near by or equine centers? they sell the stuff cheap. pour some on some old wheat or on some licks and see what happens.

    if you lamp the ground for foxes and rabbits keep an eye out for fallow you may get an idea of numbers on the ground. fallow are a herding species by nature so if you see one doe there maybe more near by.

    fingers crossed!!!

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