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    Hill stalking

    My brother in law from DK would like to invite some clients on a few days hill stalking for reds and perhaps hinds/calves this autumn/winter. Ideally argyll or perthshire. They will probably be around 3-5 and will need a guide/stalker to accompany them. They are not unexperienced and some may bring their own rifles. They are not looking for the big 'highland' experience with ponies and such, more a down to earth and more reasonably priced 'local' stalker who's willing to give them a few good days on the hill and a bit of fun (no grumpy guides please as this will be to treat clients to a good time and help them with some stalking in Scotland). if accommodation or a nearby local place is available, so much the better.

    anyone offering what they feel might fit the bill, please pm me with your contact details and a few comments around what you can offer, why you feel it might be suitable, and a rough pricing guideline.

    there will be a good chance of re-visits a few times a year onwards if the experience is good.

    thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Hi pkl tried to pm you but message keeps bouncing back

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