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Thread: Team GB wins Gold

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    Team GB wins Gold

    Wilson has won the double trap

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    Just heard fantastic, wins in shooting can only help to raise the sport and hopefully conter the propaganda churned out by the likes of LACS. RSPB and antis.
    Plus all the other medals today in the rowing and canoeing. Will pick up more in the Judo. fantastic Go GB

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    Be interesting to see how much coverage the Beeb give this... for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Lad View Post
    Be interesting to see how much coverage the Beeb give this...
    Well they showed it live as the main event, so pretty good coverage so far.

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    Yes it was on main channel, boy done well,thought he was going to blow it when he missed a double but held his nerve well done.

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    They all started missing the odd one in the last ten clays, when the nerves started getting to them.

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    Congratulations to Peter Wilson, a great result for him and shooting.

    I wasn't sure that I would be able to watch it, but managed to get the rest of the office to watch it rather than the canoeing and they were riveted by the end

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    I listened to it on 5 Live in the car. The BBC were getting well into it. They interviewed his family, Mrs etc. afterwards.

    Very well done to the fella.

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    They were meant to show the heats at 9.00am this morning but I couldn't find it.
    Very glad they showed the final though, these guys are fantastic, very well done to Peter Wilson.

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