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Thread: shooting gold medal

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    shooting gold medal

    congrats to peter wilson for winning gold in the double trap
    kept it together well to hold off the opposition regards pete .

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    Nice one, I wonder if they will make as big a deal of it as the other 2 for cycling and rowing?

    I do hope so
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    Just been watching that online: first time I've ever seen shooting sports on TV, on the main channel too! Did you see how they had high-speed cameras filming the pellets flying into the clays in slow-motion? Amazing! And I liked the fluorescent disco-powder in the clays too. Anyway, that should gain shooting sports a bit of positive media coverage for a bit!

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    A thrilling final, all the more so because the only way I could follow it was via the live text updates on the BBC website!

    A great performance.

    Here's hoping he gets the same coverage as has been shown of other gold medal winners.

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    Yep, good to watch and I will be watching how it's reported very closely, lets see if the young man gets his face on a stamp etc - I hope he gets equal treatment to the other golds
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    Just found this when looking around the BBC site
    I wonder if they'll be looking for volunteers to sort the fox problem out............
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Well done Peter!

    What a good result and a fantastic bit of coverage for the sport. Lets hope it is shouted about from the rooftops.

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    +1 For all the above great for the sport and great for the publicity

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    Great result, but i fear that he won't get quite the same coverage seeing as i just heard some "news" reader on Radio one describe his shotgun as a rifle...

    I doubt he'd get a 188 trying to shoot trap with a rifle!

    I wish they would actually read up a little about some sports before reporting on them.

    Well done Mr Wilson, be nice to see your face on a stamp!


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    Listened to it on the radio. Silver for Sweden

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