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Thread: Road legal Quadbike

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    Road legal Quadbike

    I am just about to purchase a road legal quad bike . It will have very little actual road use (3 miles to furthest point ) . Do i need to pay road tax ? ,
    How much will it cost to insure ? Who,s the best company for insurance ? How does the insurance work , ie named riders or any one over a certain age ? Anything else i need to know ? Thanks in anticipation


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    If its registered as an agricultural machine then no MoT and Free road fund licence, if its v5 says quad bike or any thing other than agricultural machine then it will need an MoT and you will have to pay for your road tax.

    If its an agri machine then NFU will insure it on a tractor policy

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    and for road tax its not cheap like a motorcycle its about 130 a year depending on engine size

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