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Thread: Muzzle tape??

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    Muzzle tape??

    Hi folks,I am looking for some advice....I have a PES moderator in .30 cal which when I carry rifle on my sling in a slight wind it whistles over the muzzle.Is this something anyone else has experienced?
    I was considering putting a piece of insulation tape over the hole to prevent it,would this work?
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes it solves it have had same problem with a diff mod. and dont worry about the tape when you shoot it makes no difference to performance as the pressure blows it off or blows a hole, and as a bonus stops cr...p getting in your barrel. I use black insulating tape but dont think it would matter what tape you use.


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    target patches work well
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    So does sellotape....

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    Thanks Guys,does this work on all calibres from .22lr up??

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    Thats cheating, LOL you are bound to get the bulls eye.

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    I saw in a yank film a condom is recommended

    On another note years ago I worked with a bloke who wore sanitary towels when he spray painted , he might have been a better sprayer if heed used tampax though.
    He was a hard ******* mind ex paratrooper we use to box with him and you could see his eye's change when he got into it .
    RIP John .

    It's great on holiday !


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