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Thread: Montana Rifles

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    Montana Rifles

    Has any body had any dealings with these - - look to be a good action and barrel at a pretty reasonable price even after paying import duties / VAT and carriage etc. Look to be the basis for a nice left handed classic style rifle.

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    I have a couple of LH ones. A 325WSM in S/S and a 300WSM in Moly.

    As with anything you get what you pay for but these are certainly better than the price suggests and you can have exactly what you want BUT they are not as nice as Custom actions but they are well less than half their price.

    I am happy with mine and am pleased I chose them. Barrels are good and accurate. To date the 325 has achieved 1 shot kills on everything from crows to Fallow and a check today still showed a 5/8" group exactly on target.

    Brian Fox (ex of Howa fame before his business was so arrogantly curtailed by Highland) will import them for you as he has an account with them. Do be aware that as with most 'gun' things from the US - dates and schedules are often worth very little.

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    Thanks 325WSM for your thoughts on the Montana - it is always difficult to judge something just from the pictures on the web. They certainly look to be a nice action. When you say they are not as good as a custom action is that they are just still a wee bit rough - aka a new BRNO or a military Mauser action but with a bit of use / polish they can turn into a very slick and smooth action.

    Glad to here that their barrels are good.

    Heym SR20

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    They are a cast action that is machined whereas a custom action is fully machined from a billet. There is NOTHING wrong with Montana but they are Audi/BMW not Rolls Royce.

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