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Thread: What a stunning doe

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    What a stunning doe

    Out last evening for a buck as we couldnt combine as it was a trifle damp ie only 3 downpours in the afternoon.

    Crept into a really good 20 year old plantation of chestnuts where there is not much under storey . Tried the buttolo and after 5 minutes saw a shape shimmer through the trees. Rifle ready on the sticks and waited and waited, squeaked again but nothing so after 20 minute withdrew and off to next wood. Had to approach from up wind so wasnt to hopeful .Squeaked and got a fiep in reply -there must have been a fawn nearby. What a brilliant lesson in calling it gave me so gentle and soft so I try again very gently. Next thing a buck come running through the wood - all ears and nose working over time. Great but he doesnt stop so I give out an oi and he pulls up behind a large ok with only his bum showing - wait rifle ready calm down .Forward he goes towards the fieping fawn,wont stop, so another oi and he pulls up behind another oak. 2 steps forward into bramble bush Then he gets my scent and is off like a rocket. 1-0to the roe

    Stalk through rest of the wood towards a high seat which overlooks a field of barley stubble. In the next door field of wheat I see a buck browsing on the ripening ears as he ambles up the tramline about 50m away Set up on the sticks and he puts his head down and never comes up.Try a squeak then a bark -nothing 2-0 to the roe. Sit in high seat for 45 minutes surely some thing musdt appear lovely sunny evening on leeside of wood - nothing. So get down to have a look at field of sugar beet and there she is a doe gracefully nibbling athe leaves taking a few steps then another nibble quick look round and ading nother mouthful. I am standing id a gap in the hedge and she is slowly coming straight towards me She is just perfect ,her coat is that irridecant chestnut brown and her condition looks superb. 20yards away she stops and gives me that hard stare and a good sniff. She is alert but relaxed and decides no so she turns round and quietly walks back across the beet still stopping for tender leaf. That 5 minutes makes the evening all worthwhile and make me remember why I love stalking of all the field sports so much.

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    Good write up.
    Funny how the bucks you failed to get a shot at are quickly forgotten, but the memory of the doe stays with you.

    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Chiron , great write up , i know exactly how you felt . My first requirement when stalking is to see a deer ( i dont like blanks ) my second is to observe a deer that hasn,t seen me first ,so i get time to watch it . Then if i am really lucky i get to stalk into the deer and take a close shot , perfect !

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