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Thread: New member from sussex

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    New member from sussex

    Hi ,

    I have been a keen fieldsportman since my teens , starting pigeon and
    rabbits with air rifles progressing to walked up and driven game .
    I always liked more challenging walked up snipe and woodcok or unusual
    quarry like ptarmigan than driven pheasant.
    I have been stalking Roe Deer on a farm in Sussex for about 20 years
    which is the mainstay of my stalking .
    About 10 years ago I started to pay for stalking with guides in other parrts of
    the country to get access to the other five UK deer species which I have now stalked.
    I have also stalked Red Deer in Hungary , Chamois in the Alps , Elk in Estonia
    Wild Boar in E. Europe and Moufflon in Croatia.

    Main Rifles : .243 Mauser / .308 Mauser


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    Hi Peter, welcome aboard. Where abouts in Sussex are you? Could meet for a pint and swap stories I would love to here about the Elk in Estonia.

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    Hi peter,

    Welcome mate.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Tusker, am nr Petworth . Happy to meet for a pint but very busy at the moment . The Elk in Estonia was one of the best . It was on a 10,000ha block of
    forrestry and had 3 elk in 4 days. (None a great head but 3 exciting stalks ) There were 5 other stalkers and all got at least one and one had a nice head.
    Due to the ground , dense forrest with narrow rides , most of the chances are at 200m + . Good heads are there but its a bit of a lottery on such a large
    block . I went there about 4 years ago and if you need any more info I can try and find the details and email it if you want. All the best Peter

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    I will P.M. my contact details to you.

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    Hi peter , I'm just out of petworth myself , welcome to the site !

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    midhurst west sussex
    hi peter
    and welcome, not to far away im in midhurst myself

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