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Thread: missed a gold medal buck.

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    missed a gold medal buck.

    I was stalking in fife last night and called in a massive buck,that was fighting another buck that wasnt much smaller. The story goes I didnt have my stick and had to take lean on a telegraph pole. Pulled the trigger and missed the buck. Iam still gutted. I have been up all night lol. The reason for this story is to remind everyone to take their sticks. its pretty over grown out there and you might just be in the same situation with a buck of a life time pass you by. I will be back the night with sticks and if I take him I will post a photo. cheers Hootsman. oh and the ruts on up here

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    hard luck chap ,i always leave a spare set in the truck we all miss guess it was just your turn ,i missed a nice munty buck a while back but got him in the end very satisfying then
    good luck

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    Cheers Norma. Its a cracking day so I will be out and about. Fingers crossed he will be out to play

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    Good luck!

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    I missed what I thought was a gold earlier this year, but there's a happy ending - I was on a new permission that a mate of mine had got for us, he shot a good silver as he got the shoot so was allowed first stag. Just after he'd taken the shot (off my shoulder as also no sticks!) another one ran out to see what was happening! My mate was kind enough to say go for it... but I hadn't even loaded my gun and so rushed and fluffed the shot (also taken of his shoulder!).

    After an hour-long-menstrual-tantrum (which was stoically tolerated by my mate), I spied another buck on the way to the car - 140 CIC points (Gold) - was chuffed, but deserved a slap from my buddy who'd just put up with my tantrum and then let me take a gold from a shoot he'd gotten on our first outing...

    Morals of the story = always take your sticks, don't turn menstrual if you miss, good shooting mates are like rocking horse sh*t, and if your mate's acting like a schoolgirl give him a slap (like I should have had!)

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    Iam starting to calm down now BunnyDoom. I have put my sticks in the car already for tonight. I think I shouldve gad a slap last night but thats life. that was good of your mate being understanding and let you get your reward for heart ache. Its not the first and it wont be the last time I miss. The good thing is the buck wasnt wounded. Fingers crossed for the night cheers Hootsman

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    Not massive enough apparently

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    Aye Swarovski not big enough for me to hit. my dad used to say I couldnt hit a cow in the arse with a stick. maybe hes right lol

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    I need all the luck in the world after last night but sh.t happens. i hope it doesnt happen again lol

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