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Thread: Scam email sent from our address

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    Scam email sent from our address

    hi guys , ive just had a phone call from a member who has recieved an email , sent from what appears to be our email address , stating that we are stuck in spain and are needing money to return home ,, THIS IS A SCAM , PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS, i dont know how this has happened or what to do about it???

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    Yes that is a virus/scam,I have received two of those from friends this year...speak to your friendly geak to sort I reckon...

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    Change your password immediately

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    Just logged into my works email. And we have one too. It titled SAD TRIP.

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    thats the same title I received

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    Lot of it about I'm afraid Scots Stalker. Basically, you've probably downloaded a little piece of software known as malware from somewhere (kind of like a computer virus) that is using your email account and its address book to send out spoof emails. There are a few things you can do:

    If you've got some ant virus software on your computer, run a scan and see if you can detect and quarantine the malware
    Be careful using internet sites (particularly ones you haven't used before or don't completely trust) that ask you to download software
    Use another email address to sign up to any internet sites you aren't sure about - just open another hotmail or gmail account for free.
    Think about setting up a new email address if the problem persists and change your passwords on a regular basis.

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    My guess is that you use the same password for your e-mail address as you do for shopping sites and social networks (SD?). One of these sites has been hacked and they have your e-mail & password. Pain in the b*m but try to use different passwords.

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    someone has opened an email account in susans name, we have had it deleted and changed our password on our account , this could not have happened at a worse time !
    i would hate to think that people that we were at it , or that we were operating a scam

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