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Thread: Advice on communication

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    Advice on communication

    An observation and also a comment on many recent posts complaining about poor service specifically from shooting organisations, gun dealers, Liason Officers, etc etc that are based on people not getting a response from email or PMs whereas a telephone number is available.

    Email is an excellent way of passing on information, but one of the worst forms of actual communication. Once people hit the 'send' button they believe they have absolved themselves of any responsibility in maintaining and continuing the communication. How many times have you: said or heard 'did you get my email?'; not actually received emails that people have said they have sent; mistakenly deleted it; seen it on your smartphone and thought I'll reply to that later then forgotten; not checked your spam/junk mail; etc; etc? There are also known bugs in some email hosts that will occasionally reject emails from certain accounts.

    If it's that important take responsibility - have you actually thought about picking up the phone and talking to the organisation/RFD/FLO?

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    Don't many email clients have a 'request a read receipt for all messages' or similar option? Seems an easy way to at least get a confirmation that it's arrived and been opened.

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    Email in its standard form is a completely un-guaranteed form of communication. Virtually all internet mail is transferred via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) which hasn't changed all that much since the 80's which is why it is so easy for spammers to send out millions of emails and spoof the sender address etc. As well as other reasons many antispam solutions are silent (they will delete/drop the email without notifying the sender) because if they did send notifications they would end up sending millions of notifications out, probably to the wrong sender (backscatter spam).

    So basically, there are many reasons an email you send might be never reach its destination without you or the recipient knowing.

    And unfortunately Read Receipt is not guaranteed either. Not all servers or mail clients respect it.

    Basically, if you are sending an important email ask for a response to confirm receipt and if you don't get one in a reasonable timescale then phone to follow up!

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