A big wellcome to 2130martin.Martin has joined us this year and on the first day out i seen a rutting roe buck told him where to sit and gave him my call.
sure enough one hour later i got the call one roe buck in the bag .Thats the third deer for martin very good job to the fridge .one more like that and he will be free to shoot the ground on his own.I hope he enjoyed meeting the rest us on the first with five bucks in the bag that day.We all had a long day i got up at 2.30am got home 1.00 am thats keen.

Thanks for your help with moving to the new larder.I hope you enjoyed the BBQ i cooked at 8am with my home made bangers.we all had a good laugh and a good days shooting. Bill's new scaffolding sticks setup with five sticks that got tangled up in the cron and cost him a buck. Ps keep your eye off my pigeons we shot it twice last week shot 450. I am sure you will have a great year with us and the geese will be in when the corn is cut. woodfordfallow