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Thread: Plains Game Calibre

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    Plains Game Calibre

    Things have a been tight for the past few years, but look like they might start to get a bit better soon. If so, I would eventually like to book a trip to shoot plains game in Africa. I currently use a 6.5x55; would this be OK, or do I need to add the cost of another rifle into the equation? If so, what calibre? 30.06 must be amongst the contenders, and has the bonus of readily available factory ammunition.

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    6.5 will get it done on most plains game with a decent bullet. However, the 30/06 really is the default calibre. You would need to make a good case as to why you would take any rifle other than a 30/06 as far as I am concerned.

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    It's the rifle that you are best used to that matters. The Swede will cover everything deer sized out to 350 metres and it's your confidence in it that matters.

    Adding in a new calibre and getting used to it will not be necessary. Shoot your Swede well and that's 90% of the job done.

    Save your money.


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    I took a 30-06 with 180 and 220 bullets. However my companion took most of the smaller stuff with a 243, so I am sure you would be good with the swede. Best to ask your ph, as they will likly have a preference.


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    the two rifles i woud recomend would be the 270w and the 375h&h the 270 with a premier 150grn round good un less you bump in to a member of the big 5 that wants to make you into a red stain take the safari and enjoy your 6.5x55 good for most things up to wildbeest most outfits will hire you a gun about 15 per day
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    When I went to Africa the PH,s didnt like the smaller cals. I took 30-06 but I am sure that your 6.5 swede would be up to the job if you are confident on bullet placement. if you intend to go after Kudu, Oryx or Wilderbeste I would recomend 30 cal. The thing is when you get out there its like being in a sweet shop so its best to take enough gun.

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    used a 7x57 once and my 270 twice, both with premium bullets, my 270 with Barnes 130gn TTX was the PHs choice, also had 160 partitions, but the TTXs were so accurate and dependable on plainsgame out to the longest shot I took which was 420 yards, take the rifle you use all the time and feel comfortable with rather than a rifle you have only punched paper with, within the suggested calibres yuor PH reccomends.deerwarden

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    30-06 or 7 mm Rem Mag would be my first choice. Both with Barnes TSX of approx 150 grains. But also with the 170/180 gr Nosler Partition. A 270 with a premium bullet like the 130/140 grain TSX will be very close and do excellent double duty as a deer rifle on the Hill. For me the Barnes TSX makes the 270 play in a higher league.

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    They ALL want you to buy a new rifle.

    No one says that you can't hunt ALL the same size UK deer with what you have.

    I can assure you that a 140 gr Nosler Partition will take down Wildebbest, Kudu and Waterbuck.


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