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Thread: basc/bds/ca or other????????????????????????????????????????

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    basc/bds/ca or other????????????????????????????????????????

    hi could do with some advice on who to give my hard earned money too.

    basc 64

    countryside alliance 52

    bds 53

    now my question is, i was thinking of going with bds as they have some good regional meets near to me. and i hope they are doing there bit for our sport. i don't go in to all the politics of groups. lets face it they should be all fighting for us. my problem is do you get insurance with bds membership. there web-site doesn't say what you get. but dose offer stalking insurance for 23

    if anyone can offer any info or advice on where to go and why. and if the bds offer insurance with there membership.

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    Try the NGO for 35 this includes insurance up to 10 million I think now, it was I believe 5 million and a nice magazine

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    I second that Malc, they have a deer division now
    (I am a member of a few but I think the NGO is the most genuine and best value)

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    cheers guys that's just what i was looking for. will sort out membership asap.

    still interested to see if you get any insurance inc with bds. if not it seems steep.

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    BDS also gives insurnace but not quite along the same lines as the NGO if I remember rightly. Good magazine though.

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    ngo 30

    will be ringing them in morn.


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    Don't just INsure but ENsure when you part with your money!

    I would not give a penny piece to the BDS. They are no true friend of those who use firearms to kill deer...regardless of the "cheapness" or not of any insurance is it wise to use this solely to decide?

    Nor the the CA who have demonstrated in word that they are happy to tarnish shooting to divert the spotlight from houndsports. I want any surplus money after the insurance cost is taken out to go 100% to defend shooting.

    Give your money to those who not only INsure you for your sport of shooting but politically ENsure that you will still be able to do it in the future!

    So. BASC or similar SHOOTING organisations (apart from the useless NRA). There are some who are members of the Scottish Gamekeepers as I think they extend insurance cover to paid stalkers.

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    I think there are many here that would disagree with you about BASC. I would not join them if they paid me! I personally think they are a disgrace to our sport and do not fight hard enough against legislation like tail docking, hounds etc.

    They all have their faults and it is difficult to join something that keeps you happy all the time. Good luck with the search.

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    which one

    You may disagree wiyh Enfield but i for one disagree with you.
    i have been a BASC member for 30+ years , they have always given
    me good advice when i have needed it,they have excellent insurance cover and will always fight for and back up the shooting community 100%
    BDS to me come a poor 2nd
    and CA are a big NO NO

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    Re: basc/bds/ca or other????????????????????????????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by waldini
    i hope they are doing there bit for our sport.
    Don't forget that BDS is a charity and isn't doing anything "for our sport". It's sole charitable purpose is to promote the welfare of deer. It is this welfare aspect that involves safe, humane, proficient deer management practice which is the concern of the Society, not stalking as a sporting activity.

    A number of folk have negatives views about the BDS and their stance on the use of shotguns, seasons etc - each to their own, but you need to remember the Society doesn't exist for the benefit of stalkers. I'm a member because they publish a lot of interesting stuff about deer.

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