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    Anyone using these on deer and targets in the UK?

    Opinions please?


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    I did have one. A Marlin Lever action only used it on Boar in Europe but great fun to shoot . Oh yes and just remembered shot a Roe on a driven shoot in Poland. It really does stop pigs. Loaded 350 grn bullets and at 50 yrds grouped 2inches.Sold it as no longer Boar hunting.

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    Did it make a mess of the roe?


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    No it didnt, big bullet traveling slowish, old saying with the 45-70 is "eat right up to the hole". The beauty of the 45-70 is the fact that it imparts lots of energy but the bullet doesnt fragment. My mate using a 30-06 , the boar he shot had enormous wounds.


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    I have a .45-70 conditioned for deer and boar. I don't really intend to use it on deer but it seems the two things come together as a condition. One thing worth mentioning is that you will probably struggle to get deer legal velocities out of it if you intend to use it in Scotland. I'm gettin 1920 fps out of my current load with 350gr flat points and it is as stiff as I'd want to get.

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    Lewis Potter, noted gunsmith, author and president of our shooting club, uses one and has converted quite a few other people in the club into confirmed 45-70 users, both for deer and fun at the range. He too says that, "you can eat right up to the hole."

    As our friends across the pond have found, it will kill anything that walks or runs in their country.

    Lew favours the Ruger No1 in 45-70, and makes lovely ones up to sell, if you can persuade him to stop writing books long enough to make one for you. His son Dan is speeding things up somewhat these days, so live in hope!


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    I have got authority for one for deer and fox. Well I should have when my ticket comes back. But I also recently joined a rifle club so I thought about downloading it with home made cast bullets for plinking on the range. I have a 270 and a 222 if I need to go to Scotland.



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    I have shot a few 45-70's they are a good close range round if you have done you homework and practiced with you rifle .Shooting one can be a bit like droping mortar rounds down range if you are using factory ammo!!! though but a lot better with home loads that are matched to the type of rifle that you intend to use. eg a marlin1895
    I would not swop my .444 (flater shooting ) for a 45-70 But it will put a smile on your face every time you use it


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    I currently own a Trapdoor Springfield and a Mauser 98 in 45-70. My son has a Marlin Cowboy 26" lever gun. The 45-70 is a versatile and accurate cartridge but if you reload you must pay close attention to the three classes of reloads: Those for the Trapdoor Springfield, those for the Marlin (etal) and those for the Ruger No1 and Mauser rifles.

    I don't hunt in the UK bit have taken rabbits with a .457" round ball (designed for my Ruger cap and ball revolver) and 10 grains of Unique pistol powder from my 45-70's, and with full-house loads I have taken deer and bison as well. Loads from the Siamese Mauser will pretty much take anything at close range!~Muir

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    Just fitted a brand new Docter red dot to mine, (Optical sight no. five for this rifle, it's destroyed a Russian military scope amongst others), Maybe I'll be able to take advantage of the Deer/Fox & Boar condition finally!! ...had it grouping into two inches at 100yds off the top of the truck, (for a very short period! ) 400 grain Speer homeloads.... Hornady leverrevolution factory stuff was disappointing, leaving unburnt powder in the breech spaces, & the cases are way shorter than the trim to specs. Hope to be casting bullets for it soon.
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