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Thread: Murder buck

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    Murder buck

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    I think this boy may just need to be removed, unless im mistaked he looks like he could be a danger to other bucks in the rut......if it happens


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    Attachment 18011Attachment 18010One I shot a couple of weeks back, best get them out of the way before they do real damage, there's another one similar I need to get tonight with luck.

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    When hunting roe in Denmark I was told a true "murder buck" to them has at least 8 inch spikes and they love to shoot such an animal over a nice six pointer.
    I class any spiker buck as a danger (most are to unagressive though I have seen them stick does and each other), but as yearlings here can get to 6 points, they are classed as culls and shot on sight.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also managed to get this buck. Like john my yearlings are normally 4 or 6 points so definitely a good cull buck.



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    I have this little fella at home on the shelf,

    Shape of those has been around in historic weapons for a long time!
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    I used to see quite a few on one of my farms pluss a few malforms but selective culling seems to be working

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    Here's one I shot a few years ago,it's right antler was snapped right off,and possibly left in another Buck,so to me he was a 'Murder' Buck.............

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    Would'nt think any of these would be doing much scrapping. Maybe decent cull bucks but not really 'murder' bucks IMO.

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