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Thread: Help please, before I go insane!!!!

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    Help please, before I go insane!!!!

    I bloody hate the internet sometimes!!

    Hopefully someone can help. I remember finding a gun shop with its own rifle range close to the yorkshire/Lancashire border. On the website the shop looked like a single floor building in the countryside and on the website it showed pictures of the range being built. They have used the large concrete cylinders connected in sections to make the range, and there is two tunnels of this type. The problem is, is that I cant bloody remember the name of this place or its location!! Ive been searching for the net for ages and cant find it again. So frustrating!

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone can help me find this range and shop based on the vague description Ive given.

    Thankyou for anyones help! Apologies for being thick!!!


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    sounds like calton moor range, but it's in derbyshire.
    oops sorry it's not a gun shop
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Stead hall ilkley


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    We have a winner!!!!

    Thankyou very much tony it is stead hall, I can stop hating the internet now!

    Thanks again

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    Stead Hall - great little venue for a days testing - only wish I lived closer !!

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    Bizarre sound effects shooting down those tunnels though.

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