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Thread: Stalker out Musto Munro Tweed

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    Stalker out Musto Munro Tweed

    Can you spot him


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    I'm guessing he's blind, cos it looks like he's holding a white stick? Just to the right of the picture centre?

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    spot him

    third tree from the left on sky line havin a dump.....

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    sticking with the white stick thingy , foreground , or at yer feet in front of the brown sticky up tassle in front , hey thats alot of ground out there

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    I think he is taking aim, shooting from the right of the picture to the left.

    After I scrolled down to see "Bandit Country's" post I also noticed the white stick. Which previously I had thought just a tree branch.

    So he wouldn't pass any "sniper" stalking test that is for sure! It is his left arm that gives him away! You don't get shapes like that in nature!

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    What deer gives a Damn About stalker cam !! Heels dont matter ! AS for elbows , lets get real ,before someone says number 8s , Its Just the ponity thing in front that counts . Now if deer shot back that would make a whole world of difference.

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    Well done chaps and your right i'll tell him wats been said all in fun im sure and trapper yes its a big lump 7000 acres all in, as im not into camo we found the musto very good on hill and in the wood
    happy buck stalking

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    What they don't tell you is the TICK just love tweed reminds them of sheep ,Damp, moist and a good blood supply and easy to get a hold on too .

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    Munroe Tweed named after the ex stalker of Alladale Estate, and designed after he took out the CEO of Musto stalking expensive stuff to buy as well, and if you really have money to burn you can buy the summer and winter version to hang with your other designer clothes If my memory serves me correct about 600 a suit

    Actually the design of the tweed pattern is very close to the pattern that used to be used on the estate.

    And as Widows Son has mentioned ticks love it, especially the bit between the breeks and the socks.

    Think I will stick to the cheaper stuff, from good old USA.

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    If anyone is interested Swillington Shooting Supplies are selling them off cheap (Musto Munro synthetic tweed)

    They have been reduced from 399 to 149 so a very very good deal if you are looking for that sort of thing. The breeks are cheap too (I think around 60 or 70 or something like that.

    There are some credit crunch specials out there if you look around.

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