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Thread: Bad buck experience

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    Bad buck experience

    Out last night with the mobile seat as we've been watching a lot of deer on one part of the ground but it's flat and hard to get near them (watched 12 last Thursday night but couldn't get a shot).

    Beautiful night, few deer moving about as I walked in, set up and in the seat in no time and within half an hour a good buck appeared on the edge of a wood. Pinged him at 220yds and he gradually worked out from the wood grazing as he came. About 30 or 40 yards out from the wood he presented a good broadside shot and I took it. Knew it wasn't right though as soon as I pulled the trigger and he ran like the clappers with a bust front leg.

    He did two fields and dissappeared into a dense, scrubby wood. I stayed a while longer then went to look for him - no blood trail and no sign other than a couple of fresh slots on a well worn deer path. Followed it as best I could but it was getting pretty dark. I scanned the torch around an adjacent field of long grass and picked up a pair of eyes. As I got closer I could make out it was a buck lying almost hidden in the grass, but couldn't be sure it was the one I'd hit. I got to within about 20 yards and he got up and hobbled away but i had to do a loop around him to get a safe shot but dropped him on the spot.

    As it happens the second shot was a bit high and touched the spine (and has probably damaged a bit of saddle) but I put that down to shooting whilst holding a torch and having a heart rate af about 220! Bloody relief that I found and dispatched him but a rather troubling experience and I needed a stiff dram when I got in last night. Hopefully just one to put down to experience, but not one I want to repeat any time soon and I'll be checking zero before I'm next out just to be on the safe side

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    The main thing is that although it wasn`t a perfect night the outcome was the best you could possibly achieve and there isn`t a deer suffering out there somewhere.
    That saying springs to mind,
    Shoot enough of them and it`ll happen sometime.
    Well done on an honest post.

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    Should be using a decent calibre then 6.5x55, dont get many runners with them, even if badly shot! joking

    Happens to all of us at some time.

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    At least youmanaged to complete e follow up and put him out of his missery. once an animal is hit non fataly the responsability has to be to get the animal dead and meat damage is of little concearn.


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    Excellent post 75. The person who says it has never happened to them is not being truthful or they don't shoot enough. Great outcome and proves your worth.

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    Thanks for the kind words chaps. I know it happens but never pleasant - at least take some comfort in the fact I found and dispatched the animal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75
    Thanks for the kind words chaps. I know it happens but never pleasant - at least take some comfort in the fact I found and dispatched the animal.
    It is very unpleasant,but,it came good in the end,and,that is what really matters mate,well done................'M'

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    Many thanks for the very honest post. I had something similar over the weekend (see in Articles) but didn't find the muntjac buck until the next morning. None of us like it when experiences like this happen, but well done you for persevering in the dark and picking him up.


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    A refreshing change to hear that things do go wrong occasionally! Well done on the follow up and the honest post!

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    What do you do if you have leave off a trail until the next morning? Is the carcass always spoiled? I'd imagine so.

    I have pulled out of a couple of shots because it was getting too dark to track and I didn't fancy the idea of clambering around in the pitch black on my own.

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