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Thread: Nice to see

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    Nice to see

    Pair of wild English with 13 young still in tow.

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    Nice to see and makes a refreshing change from the usual reds

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    Have not seen the greys about for a year or two, there were nesting on our field, there are some partridges there but have not got close enough to see if they are reds or greys. Only saw they take wing and skim over the plant tops into next doors paddock.

    Seeing the Greys always brightens the day.

    The neighbour found a Sparrow hawk drowned in her ponies water butt the other day.

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    Bit of a minor miracle after this years weather.

    Just shows what fantastic parents Grey Partridge are if they are given a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    Alan's road pal ?
    Yes. Just past pig farm.

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