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Thread: moderators and copper bullets

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    moderators and copper bullets

    Hi, does anyone know the twist rate for a Parker Hale 270 with a 24 inch barrel.
    What I am after is to know if its safe to fire Barnes x bullets through a T8 moderator. Due to copper bullets being longer and less stable, I have had a word with Jackson Rifles and their advice is no, erring on the side of caution. Fortunately I have plenty of lead but also have some home loads with the copper x bullet. So if anyone has any ideas I would be glad to hear them. Bullets are 130gr with 52 gr of powder.
    Other wise its the tight patch on the cleaning rod, measuring tape and felt pen or buy some lead for the home loads. Thanks Tom

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    copper bullets and moderators

    Tom, I'm currently working up loads for Barnes TSXs in 270 150gns, they suggest on their website 1 in 9 for 150gns only. Join their copper club lots of imfo there. I'll pm my tel no if you want chat. They like to be driven fast, very accurate, I like them. deerwarden. P.S. with moderator on you'll read 100+ fps slower so beware of going too high with powder charge.

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    The twist rate is 1:10 by my measuring.

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    moderators and copper bullets

    Yep so is mine, I've had no problems. deerwarden

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    Different calibre, different weight but, if its any help, I have put several hundred rounds of factory loaded Barnes through my PH .308 & T8 with no problem whatsoever.

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    If one is not sure if a load will stabilize, why not fire a few shots without moderator. If the load groups ok and no key holing is evident, then it's no problem to stick on the moderator.

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    thanks, have fired several in practise and zeroing and they are very accurate, good groups and nice clean round holes, so should be ok. As the first shot after cleaning is a few inches out would it be an idea to fit moderator once gun fired after cleaning. Sorry to keep asking questions. Thanks Tom

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    I don't think you need to worry.
    Get all the oil out of the barrel before the first shot.
    I used to have a rifle that didn't hit the paper on the first shot after cleaning. Changed the barrel, now it groups under 1/2" with the first clean barrel shot included. (with or without moderator)


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    I was advised to put a patch through with meths on it before shooting trip this seems to sort it out in general.
    I was concered as the T8 instructions point out some difficulties with some non toxic bullets and Jacksons quite fairly advised against it. guess at some point going to have to try it. thought I'd do some research first. Tom

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    Thanks everyone for all the advice it is much appreciated. Another stalking friend pointed out that the heaviest 270 bullets in lead will probably be longer than the 130gr I have in copper and as they group really well as many of you guys said should not be any problem. So once realy cleaned oil out of barrel fired some test groups with no mod, checked for neat holes in target then will give it a go. Cheers.

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