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    Talking No respect for authority.....

    I've just returned from a week in Cyprus with the family (phew what a scorcher = plenty of very cold beers sunk.... Note to self: must get reacquainted with the gym.....).

    On the road up to the villa, I spotted this sign:
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    Now - I'm no Inspector Morse (wouldn't even make Inspector Clouseau!!), but those two big gaps look rather like bullet holes to me.....
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    Probably a case of the locals being told what is best for them by some remote autocratic authority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Probably a case of the locals being told what is best for them by some remote autocratic authority.

    And the locals giving a polite reply

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    If he was shooting for the (O)'s his rifle is shooting to the left.

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    Never noticed how many road signs in the uk have holes in them?


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    Had a holiday on Crete a few years ago. Out in the country, you could tell a new roadsign as it had no bullet holes in it.
    Talking to a landlord in a local drinking establishment, I asked about this and his words were "There are no guns on Crete".

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    A very good friend of mine is from Crete, specifically from Sfakia, on the South Coast. I've been on holiday there with him and his family a couple of times, and your innkeeper's statement is clearly not quite accurate. What he means is "there are no guns here that you need concern yourself with". They shoot at roadsigns as they drive past them, as a sort of sport. They're not exactly anti-authoritarian, they just don't recognise the authority of anyone outside of their island. It's noticeable though that roadsigns that have houses or garden behind them are left relatively untouched, so there is some safety consciousness there. Certainly, when I've seen my friend's uncle fire celebratory volleys from his M16 at a religious festival, it was over the sea so as to endanger no-one. When they are dangerous, it's very deliberate. Doesn't seem to concern visitors and outsiders though. Violence is a family and internal matter. Nice, very hospitable people. Wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them though.

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    Hi Pine Marten, that reminds me. We were on Crete during their Easter. We were about to go to Bed on the Saturday around 23:50 when I heard a couple of rounds of gunfire. Mrs techman said that it must be fireworks but I questioned the fact that there were no flashes of light. Shortly after the whole area opened up and continued for around twenty minutes. What a fantastic experience.

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