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Thread: A nice day at the range

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    A nice day at the range

    Hi guys

    I had a great day at the Epperstone range (Notts) yesterday - it was an open day, free to use - lots of good advice and help from very nice people.

    Amongst the rifles in use were .17, .22, .243, .308, 30 06, 7.92mm - and some monster older calibres - a Martini 477/450? and a US civil war Kentucky rifle, I don't recall the calibre, just the noise!

    I went along to meet some new people and shoot a few rounds, but everyone was so nice it turned out to be a really informative and fun day.

    There was a mix of experienced, newbies and never shot a rifle befores - but everyone was well looked after.

    I'd fiddled about with the mounting of the scope the night before, so it needed zeroing in a big way, ive tried a few different factory loads so far (with mixed success), and took along some Sako .243 90g Gamehead's this time to see how the rifle liked them.

    Anyhow, after wasting a load of ammunition fiddling around with the zero, I ended up as below:

    These seven shots were taken straight after each other - prone at 100m - in my defence the top three were from a very hot barrel!

    I have a been a bit worried about the scope reticle, its a post type - and had been thinking about changing to a crosshair type, but im a bit more confident now - so thats saved me a few pounds.

    We also had a mini competition at a deer target:

    1 shot prone 100m
    1 shot kneeling 100m

    1 shot standing 75m
    1 shot kneeling 75m
    1 shot sitting 75m

    Boy did I wobble sitting and standing, I had three good shots - 2 x 10 points and a 9 point - and two shockers not even on the deer!. Still, it tought me the value of a set of sticks for next time.

    So a big thanks to everyone who organised the day.



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    range day

    I know where your coming from mate,,went to my local range friday 6 hour,let my freind shoot some old home loads which came with the rifle.nice grouping at 100 yds. is it me but I can convince myself that my gun has gone out just by sitting in the cabinet, I put three federals243s through my beloved lakelander two holes three shots, then we had 50 clays each.I couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo but we had some laughs and a great day out also all the best tone..

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    Hi daemo
    glad you had a good day, i'm sure with a few more shots
    you will get the results your after

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    Just renewed my score with my club worth every penny , 24/7 access . and a wealth of info there , from the Done it all,s to the novice , a good mix somewhere in between I find what I am looking for .
    But I have a place I can just get lost in, on my own terms , and enjoy . Pleased you had a great day out

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