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Thread: weekend on the roe rut with marksika270

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    weekend on the roe rut with marksika270

    this weekend i had my good friend marksika270 over from ireland for a crack at some roe bucks .

    i was out late into thursday evening looking and watching the roe before i picked mark on friday morning , i saw a couple of animals so i txt mark and told him things were looking good !

    as soon as we got back to mine from stansted we hit the ground running and we were soon stalking into the first beast .

    the buck had obviously been rutting hard under the full moon and we caught him out tucked up beside a thick hedge well out of the way.

    we stalked up to about 30yds , waited about 15mins and still the lazy sod wouldnt get up , so with my rifle on the sticks with mark behind the stock i started rocking the hedge beside me and waving my cap about, he rose to his feet and mark placed the bullet smack on behind the shoulder and dropped the abnormal buck stone dead , we both agreed that was a good start!

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    we both decided a 2 hour resess was in order , due to the increased harvest activity and we made plans to return to the same farm to have look for the other buck that had made its home on the far side of the sam efield the abnormal buck was shot.

    we returned around 7.30pm and made our way quietly into the bucks territory , we gave it 15mins and i started to call with the buttolo , to cut a long story short i called for around 45mins with nothing happening and we were about to make a tactical move when i spotted a roe appear in the other side of the beet field around 400yds away , i made a couple more squeeks on the buttolo with only a half hearted respose so i changed call to my roe distress call and gave that a good series of squeeks , well all hell broke loose the buck was heading our way with a rocket wedged firmly up his back side and i had to stop him with a firm OI at around 70yds for mark to take him firmly in the shoulder with the 270 we couldnt of had a better start to the weekend !
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    well with our sprits high , we made out way back to mine to larder the buck and have an early night as a 4am get up was in order the next morning .

    in the morning we made our way to another local farm of mine deliberately to clear up my last buck of the cull and at dawn we made our way down the spine track and made our way to the giant rubble heap , and we perched our selves on the to amongst the weeds and foliage.

    i gave it 10 mins then started calling again with the buttolo , well mark hardly had time to get ready when the cull buck sprang out of the hedge and down the track , then back into the hedge and he came right round behind us , i lost sight and then mark loosed off the rifle free hand and dropped the buck stone dead at 15yds i though christ that was a close one !

    i gralloched the buck and then made our way to another territory to see if i could call the big'un (a whopper6 pointer) from over the boundary , i called for well over an hour to no avail so time for breakfast , larder the buck and a kip would be in order , considering mark had been up since wednesday night for work and it was nearly mid morning saturday .
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    after a well deserved kip a change of sceenery was in order and maybe the change of a stag or another roe buck would be on the cards , as soon as we drove down the farm track we spotted a lone hind in the standing wheat , we got tooled up and headed to one of the high seats , i called for nearly 2 hours and nothing but the lone hind walking on the fresh rape stubble .

    so a change in seat was in order , we got our selves settled and i rolled a smoke and started to call with the buttolo and nothing happened to well over an hour , and then suddenly i saw a slight movement in the wheat a long way off , mark also saw it and told me it was a good buck with good bases on the head , i swapped calls to the roe distress call about half a dozen belts on that and the buck was hurling down the tramline , the buck stopped abound 100yds ish from the seat , so i had a chance of a good look and told mark he wouldnt get much better , so i called again anf the buck came another 40 yds ish and he stopped and mark dropped him with a shot to the neck .

    we clambered out of the seat and lost our bearings in the standing wheat , but eventually found the buck curled up just off the tramline he was shot on . mark was made up with his trophy , i was made up because i managed to call a buck i had never seen before . we got the buck back to the truck i took a couple of photos and we headed home to the larder .
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    we did go out this morning but didnt get a shot , we retired for the local for a fry up and to mull over the weekends events .

    mark was well made up with his first experience of the roe rut and i was relieved i managed to time his trip spot on !

    hope you had a safe trip home mark ill call you in the week and see you in september

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    no xena???
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    no xena???
    to bloody hot and stuffy in the truck i was sweating sitting in a high seat let alone leaving her in the tuck was a no go , i was only 10 mins from home so if i did loose one i would nip home and get her , anyway she was too busy chewing on her roe foot to worry about coming stalking ! lol

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    hi lee...cheers for that cracking weekend on the roe...never experienced the roe rut before,lets hope the sika stags are as keen in sep...fingers crossed u will have ur gold medal sika stag in the bag by the end of the trip...

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    Nice one chaps, its a special time of year when you hit it right.


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    Hi Lee, hello Mark!
    That all sounds like some cracking hunting, Congratulations!
    (Or as we say in Germany:"Waidmannsheil!")
    Wayne is right, the roe rut can be a very special experience, and you just got this!


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    Sound like a cracking weekends work, looks like it will be all over when i get back from offshore in 2 weeks time..


    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    hi lee...was out for a walk around on my ground this morning and spotted a batcheler heard of sika stags,about 12 in total...2 were big 8 pointers and trophy fingers crossed when u come over....

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