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Thread: Gerber freeman guthook fixed blade review .

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    Gerber freeman guthook fixed blade review .

    I've had this knife and been using it all season , it features a guthook and a full tang with rubber scales and a very good quality ballistic nylon sheaf with a plastic inner scabbard . Pictures can be found here , but please note my one has the rubber scales Freeman Fixed - Gut Hook Fine Edge
    I've processed 11 bucks with it including cutting throughh the brisket of every one and I've used the gerber pocket sharpener to touch it up almost every time , I must say its a strange blade in that it never seems to be that sharp , I always test my blades in two ways , 1st I try and slice paper then I'll try and shave my arm with it . This knife rarely if ever cuts paper but shaves a treat ! Who knows why , it's a good bit of steel and holds an edge pretty well so long as your not a dick with it ( a friend of mine was annoyed when he found his buck alpha max was blunt after he cut wire ties with it ?!?!) . I don't always need a guthook but this ones pretty good , I haven't had to sharpen it yet . what I really like about this knife is that it is INCREDIBLY light and the sheath is great !!!! It does what it says on the tin and it costs about 30 quid , for this I think you get a knife that's good for the job and a no thrills work horse .
    Id rate it 8 out of ten , the blade could do with being a bit harder in my opinion but it works

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    Do you not find the gut hook bit gets court up when graloching
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    Caught up in what ? I can't say I have found that yet

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    just seemed awkard to me but then every one to there own how you finding the wheather rather damp i guess
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    Like I say I can't say I have but we shall see ! weather incredibly damp but the ruts in full swing so hopefully I can continue using these knives ! And your end ?

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    Trying to get the Harvest done only just finished oil seed rape today then it piissed hard
    so that knocked the wheat on the head stalking now perhaps ? oh no running repairs on the combine
    thats life at the moment
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