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Thread: roe rut

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    roe rut

    What is it with the weather and roe rut.first of all pissing down,east wind full moon,all this week.Good luck to all

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    i was out this morning , as soon as i set foot on my permission it started to come straight down , i gave it an hour then went home ,

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    When the rain stops midges come out ,glasses steam up and your soaked,then rain starts again.but thats why we stalk,we enjoy dressing like trees and getting wet.its the end result we crave .scots_stalker

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    Alritghty stevie. I was out this morning aswell soaked didnt see a thing. Went out tonight saw 8 does not a buck in sight.

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    alrite mate.the bucks are no daft.would you go out in the pissing rain for a ride .thats a female thing.maybe rain will go away,and bucks will come out

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    only seeing/calling does, not seen a buck for 2 days now.

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    I would go out in anything for a ride take it when its it was dry when i was out tonight thought when it was wet the day the bucks would have been out.

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    seen a few bucks with does but there not chasing yet or responding to the call.

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    Called in a mature buck Saturday evening. He came in very cautiously though.

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    was out on a patch of ground in norfolk with another stalker last night before the heavens opened, we both sawa buck chasing a doe, so reckon the roe rut has started here.

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